First the short take

LRDIMMs is at end-of-life and DDR4 is copying NLST IP.

The new Intel Romley virtualization/data center servers from IBM and HP have support for Netlist (NLST) HyperCloud memory.

This is the memory DDR4 is going to copy (license).

LRDIMMs are already copying it – but have implemented it with asymmetrical lines – leading to latency issues – and inability to deliver 1333MHz at 3 DPC.

With HP Smart Memory HyperCloud – you can get 1333MHz at 3 DPC at 24DIMMs on the 2-processor DL360p and DL380p servers.

LRDIMM buffer chipsets are only made by Inphi (IDTI and Texas Instruments have delayed and backed off respectively). Inphi was the most aggressive against Netlist (NLST) – however they have recently failed in their challenge of NLST IP in patent reexaminations at the USPTO – NLST IP ‘537 and ‘274 have been reaffirmed by the USPTO with ALL claims intact – which reflects poorly on Inphi in NLST vs. Inphi.

LRDIMMs thus face legal risk (of possible recall ?).

DDR4 also copies NLST IP – but have chosen to also copy the symmetrical lines and distributed buffer approach.

JEDEC should eventually license NLST IP for DDR4 prior to finalization.


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