On the need to qualify HyperCloud on more servers

Qualifications on other servers in the works

HyperCloud is only available on the HP DL360p and DL380p and IBM x3650 M4 servers – these are high volume virtualization/data center servers and should provide sufficient unit volume demand for Netlist.

While this volume maybe sufficient for Netlist, the lack of availability on other IBM/HP servers does create problems for end-users trying to create a mental map of “how to choose memory” for servers.

Netlist has said in most recent conference call that they are in the process of qualifying on more servers.

From NLST’s Q1 2012 CC:

Netlist’s CEO Discusses Q1 2012 Results – Earnings Call Transcript
May 15, 2012

Again, HCDIMMs are the only 16-gigabyte 3 DPC 1333 capable memory solution available in the market, and multiple independent benchmark tests confirm that HyperCloud will operate up to 25% faster than industry standard solutions. This performance improvement in memory is significant if you consider that collectively the industry spends billions of dollars each year to increase the server speed by just one incremental speed rate.

Since our last call, we’ve been working directly with the OEMs to introduce our products to end-market users who will then run the product in their particular applications. It’s early in the introduction process, but HyperCloud is currently being tested by potential end-users and customers, including a major stock exchange and several large financial institutions on Wall Street. We also just completed the first phase of testing with one of the US automakers where they saw up to a 30% in job time for crash simulations when they used HyperCloud. We’re also in similar testing with a number of major firms in oil and gas and semiconductor industries.

Once adopted by these kinds of end-market users and ultimately deployed in a variety of memory-hungry applications, we believe that fully populated servers with HCDIMMs will become the standard high-end memory configuration for the industry and become replicated in data centers around the world.

We’re working to expand our qualification footprint at both IBM and HP as we increase the number of server platforms available to ship with 16-gigabyte HCDIMMs. We’re also working together with our OEM partners to qualify the next level of density 32-gigabyte HCDIMMs in Romley-based servers. We expect this testing to be completed over the next few months.

However for it to be seen as the standard way to do high memory loading, HyperCloud NEEDS to be qualified on many more servers.

Qualification at the OEMs requires some expense and plenty of time. So over time it should happen.

Once that happens, Netlist will not have a problem being known as the best performing (superior to LRDIMMs) and cheapest way to do memory loading (32GB HyperCloud which use 4Gbit monolithic memory packages should be cheaper than 32GB RDIMMs/32GB LRDIMMs which use 4Gbit x 2 DDP).


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    Good site. Why don’t the blogs noted in your blogroll section reciprocate?

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