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Where are the 1600MHz LRDIMMs/HyperCloud for Romley ?

Load reduction and rank multiplication at 1600MHz ?

1600MHz-rated 16GB RDIMMs (2-rank) are available for Romley – why not LRDIMM/HyperCloud ?

The reason maybe that load reduction and rank multiplication manufacturers are already outperforming the RDIMMs by ONE speed grade.

Offering a 1600MHz version that offers a FURTHER speed grade advantage, while advantageous to end-users, may not offer a greater-units-sold advantage to the manufacturers of load reduction and rank multiplication solutions.

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Memory choices for the IBM System X x3750 M4 servers

IBM improves the memory bus ?

UPDATE: added 06/05/2012 – possible reason for speedup
UPDATE: added 06/19/2012 – draft IBM Redpaper
UPDATE: added 06/22/2012 – IBM feedback on speedup
UPDATE: added 07/04/2012 – “above 384GB requires HyperCloud”
UPDATE: added 07/26/2012 – LRDIMM underperforms HCDIMM even at same speeds

These are 4-socket servers (4 processors) with 12 DIMMs per processor for a total of:

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