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The need for high memory loading and it’s impact on bandwidth

The need for high memory loading

The memory you use in your home desktop computer are UDIMMs (unregistered DIMMs).

You often use 2GB or 4GB of memory on such systems.

Memory requirements on servers for virtualization, CAD, in-memory databases, high performance computing are much greater – for example 256GB or 384GB or 768GB in a 2-processor server.

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LRDIMM buffer chipset makers

Who makes LRDIMM buffer chipsets ?

UPDATE: 06/15/2012 – added Inphi comments on competitors
UPDATE: 06/15/2012 – added IDTI comments on Inphi/JEDEC
UPDATE: 06/29/2012 – institutional interest declines
UPDATE: 07/06/2012 – non-viability of LRDIMMs

The same players who make RDIMM buffer chipsets (that are used by memory module makers to make RDIMM memory modules).

LRDIMM buffer chipsets are currently only made by Inphi.

IDTI has prudently (after what you read below) postponed LRDIMMs to end of 2012 (i.e. skipping Romley and targeting the Ivy Bridge series according to their conference call).

Texas Instruments has not been interested in LRDIMMs – possibly related to settlement in Netlist vs. Texas Instruments a couple of years ago.

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