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Examining patent docs at USPTO II – sloppy appeals

What sloppy appeals at the USPTO look like

UPDATE: 07/08/2012 – quoting from the pdfs

We’ll shed some light on Inphi’s arguments in appeal of USPTO finding in favor of Netlist in the ‘537 and ‘274 patent reexams.

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Examining patent docs at USPTO

Patent and reexamination docs

This will be a simple guide to following the progress of patent and patent reexams at the USPTO.

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LRDIMMs similarities with MetaRAM

Patent reexamination as a double-edged sword

UPDATE: added 06/24/2012: Invensas on LRDIMM design inferiority vs. HyperCloud

Some years ago MetaRAM arrived on the scene. It had the support of Intel (see link below) and some significant venture backing (Intel VC, Khosla Ventures).

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