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A second-source for HyperCloud ?

Could IDTI be licensing or second-sourcing RDIMM-compatible HyperCloud ?

I would like to thank one of the readers for suggesting that IDT maybe entering the LRDIMM/HyperCloud space. While IDT intention to deliver LRDIMM in late 2012 was known, the comment sparked an examination of what options IDTI would have if it were actively to use HyperCloud for it’s product and whether it would justify IDTI decision to not offer any LRDIMM product for the Romley launch.

Netlist will eventually face the problem of second-source for HyperCloud.

Currently they have the capability of supplying most of the demand for HyperCloud – both at the 16GB and 32GB levels – they have capacity for millions of memory modules at their facility.

However, they will eventually be required to establish a second-source for HyperCloud by the OEMs.

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Financial institutions retreat from Romley LRDIMM story

Deleted this post.

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Non-viability of 32GB RDIMMs

The primacy of load reduction and rank multiplication for 32GB

UPDATE: added 07/06/2012: Netlist on 8Gbit DRAM die non-availability
UPDATE: added 07/06/2012: Inphi on 8Gbit DRAM die non-availability

32GB RDIMMs are all 4-rank (quad-rank).

4-rank creates a high memory load on the memory bus.

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Why are 16GB LRDIMMs non-viable ?

16GB LRDIMMs vs. 16GB RDIMMs (2-rank) and 16GB HCDIMMs

16GB LRDIMMs do not outperform 16GB RDIMMs (2-rank) at 1 DPC, 2 DPC.

In addition they do not outperform the RDIMM at 3 DPC either. In contrast 16GB HyperCloud outperforms RDIMMs at 3 DPC.

Therefore, at the 16GB level, LRDIMMs:

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Why are LRDIMMs single-sourced by Inphi ?

Inphi as a single point of failure

UPDATE: added 06/21/2012: added info on Montage
UPDATE: 07/06/2012 – now a Montage 1333MHz version like Inphi

The top 3 buffer chipset makers are Inphi, IDTI and Texas Instruments.

However Inphi is the only supplier of “iMB” LRDIMM buffer chipsets for Romley.

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Patent trolls at the JEDEC gate ?

How Netlist differs from Rambus

UPDATE: added 06/22/2012: Analyst on Inphi IPO potential

Rambus was guilty of taking information FROM JEDEC to inform it’s patenting activity, and thus “front-running” the JEDEC activities.

Netlist, in contrast, was an inventor of a technology that it revealed to a JEDEC member under NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement), which was alleged to have been leaked by that JEDEC member (see below).

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LRDIMMs similarities with MetaRAM

Patent reexamination as a double-edged sword

UPDATE: added 06/24/2012: Invensas on LRDIMM design inferiority vs. HyperCloud

Some years ago MetaRAM arrived on the scene. It had the support of Intel (see link below) and some significant venture backing (Intel VC, Khosla Ventures).

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