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Memory buying guide – including 1.35V memory for Romley

When will low voltage HyperCloud be available ?

We examine the impact of low voltage HyperCloud, and why it was not available at 16GB levels.

And why availability of 1.35V is tied to the arrival of 32GB HyperCloud.

Additionally, we establish a more nuanced “rule of thumb” for choosing memory:

for 1.5V – “above 256GB requires HyperCloud”
for 1.35V – “above 384GB requires HyperCloud”

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Impact of lowered voltages in DDR4

Higher memory load reduces achievable bandwidth (memory loading).

Conversely, moving to higher frequencies at the same load also is hard (if you are already operating at the max speed possible).

Similarly, moving to lower voltages exacerbates the problem.

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