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HyperCloud to own the 32GB market ?

Marketability as a better RDIMM

UPDATE: 07/09/2012 – buyout
UPDATE: 07/09/2012 – strategic value of RDIMM-compatibility and misconceptions debunked
UPDATE: 07/27/2012 – confirmed HCDIMM similar latency as RDIMMs
UPDATE: 07/27/2012 – confirmed LRDIMM latency and throughput weakness

Is Netlist a buyout candidate ?

Is LRDIMM a dead-end product ?

Is it easier to market a better RDIMM that includes all the features of an LRDIMM ?

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VLP RDIMMs for virtualization on Blade Servers

Why Netlist 16GB VLP RDIMM outperforms the competition

UPDATE: 07/06/2012 – VMware certifies Netlist as sole memory vendor

Netlist claims their 16GB VLP RDIMM has improved performance and reliability/robustness vs. the competitors’ products. And is also cheaper to make.

VMware has certified Netlist 16GB VLP RDIMM memory modules for use with VMware products – it is the only VLP memory product certified by VMware.

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Memory for VMware virtualization servers

VMware certification limited to Netlist HyperCloud and VLP only

Netlist becomes the only memory certified by VMware on it’s virtualization products.

I cannot find a VMware testimonial in favor of LRDIMMs.

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Memory for in-memory databases and SAP HANA

High memory loading and protection from power loss

Since in-memory database solutions (IMDB) tend to move data off the hard drive (slow disk access) and onto DRAM main memory (fast but expensive), there is a higher need for memory on the server.

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Infographic – memory buying guide for Romley 2-socket servers

For servers based on the Intel plan of record

UPDATE: 06/30/2012: v1.21 – added 1333MHz/1600MHz speed info
UPDATE: 06/30/2012: v1.21_ibmsys_1_0 – IBM System x memory
UPDATE: 07/01/2012: v1.21_ibmsys_1_1 – IBM System x memory
UPDATE: 07/06/2012 – non-viability of LRDIMMs
UPDATE: 07/06/2012 – viability of HyperCloud

Here is a graphical illustration of how to choose memory for 2-socket Romley servers.

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Memory buying guide – including 1.35V memory for Romley

When will low voltage HyperCloud be available ?

We examine the impact of low voltage HyperCloud, and why it was not available at 16GB levels.

And why availability of 1.35V is tied to the arrival of 32GB HyperCloud.

Additionally, we establish a more nuanced “rule of thumb” for choosing memory:

for 1.5V – “above 256GB requires HyperCloud”
for 1.35V – “above 384GB requires HyperCloud”

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Impact of lowered voltages in DDR4

Higher memory load reduces achievable bandwidth (memory loading).

Conversely, moving to higher frequencies at the same load also is hard (if you are already operating at the max speed possible).

Similarly, moving to lower voltages exacerbates the problem.

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