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HyperCloud to own the 32GB market ?

Marketability as a better RDIMM

UPDATE: 07/09/2012 – buyout
UPDATE: 07/09/2012 – strategic value of RDIMM-compatibility and misconceptions debunked
UPDATE: 07/27/2012 – confirmed HCDIMM similar latency as RDIMMs
UPDATE: 07/27/2012 – confirmed LRDIMM latency and throughput weakness

Is Netlist a buyout candidate ?

Is LRDIMM a dead-end product ?

Is it easier to market a better RDIMM that includes all the features of an LRDIMM ?

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Non-viability of 32GB RDIMMs

The primacy of load reduction and rank multiplication for 32GB

UPDATE: added 07/06/2012: Netlist on 8Gbit DRAM die non-availability
UPDATE: added 07/06/2012: Inphi on 8Gbit DRAM die non-availability

32GB RDIMMs are all 4-rank (quad-rank).

4-rank creates a high memory load on the memory bus.

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