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Inphi reports Q2 2012 results

LRDIMM sales occur – and benchmarks

Inphi reported Q2 2012 results.

Inphi suggests sales of both 16GB LRDIMMs and 32GB LRDIMMs.

It is likely that most of these may be 32GB LRDIMMs, since 16GB LRDIMMs are non-viable vs. RDIMMs.

Inphi is shy about reporting benchmarks for LRDIMMs – saying they will be available second half of 2012.

Benchmarks for LRDIMMs should have been available prior to LRDIMM launch.

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Inphi to report July 25

And Netlist after that – implications for Netlist

Inphi will report results on July 25, 2012.

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Examining Netlist

Revenue trajectory – $65M revenue to $500M and $7.5B in 2014 with DDR4

UPDATE: 07/03/2012: third-party manufacture of HyperCloud
UPDATE: 07/03/2012: what to expect in the near future
UPDATE: 07/03/2012: sunk factory costs
UPDATE: 07/06/2012 – non-viability of LRDIMMs
UPDATE: 07/06/2012 – VMware certifies Netlist as sole memory vendor
UPDATE: 07/27/2012 – confirmed HCDIMM similar latency as RDIMMs
UPDATE: 07/27/2012 – confirmed LRDIMM latency and throughput weakness

How did a small player become so well positioned for future memory ?

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