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Memory choices for the IBM System x3300 M4

Reverting to 3 memory channels per processor – max at 2 DPC

Thanks to Daniel Bowers for clarifying the use of “socket B” Xeon E5-2400 processors in this server.

IBM has announced the x3300 M4 servers – which are 2-socket servers containing 12 DIMM slots.

The 12 DIMM slots suggest these are running at 3 memory channels per processor (as opposed to the 4 memory channel Romley processors seen so far on this blog). And maximum memory capacity is at 2 DPC.

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Awaiting 32GB HCDIMMs

Industry needs availability on a wide range of servers

When 32GB HCDIMMs become available, they will be the memory module of choice in the 32GB segment.

This will be applicable to both the regular Romley servers as well as the non-Intel-POR (plan-of-record) servers like the IBM x3750 M4 server.

The reason is that:

– HCDIMMs are RDIMM-compatible
– HCDIMMs run at higher speed than LRDIMMs
– HCDIMMs outperform LRDIMMs in latency and throughput even when HCDIMMs are run at the lower same speeds as LRDIMM

Their qualification on a wide range of servers is essential for the industry to get access to the best memory available.

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Latency and throughput figures for LRDIMMs emerge

LRDIMMs exhibit 45% worse latency and 36.7% worse throughput at 3 DPC

LRDIMMs (which are a new standard and incompatible with DDR3 RDIMMs) exhibit significant performance impairment at 3 DPC compared to RDIMM-compatible HCDIMMs:

– LRDIMMs have 45% worse latency than HCDIMMs (235ns vs. 161.9ns for HCDIMMs)
– LRDIMMs have 36.7% worse throughput than HCDIMMs (40.4GB/s vs. 63.9GB/s for HCDIMMs)

And this is when HCDIMMs are run at a SLOWED down 1066MHz at 3 DPC (in order to match the lower max achievable speed of the LRDIMMs).

This comparison – at SAME speed – highlights the architectural weaknesses of the LRDIMM design irrespective of the speeds.

When compared at the MAXIMUM achievable speeds (LRDIMMs at 1066MHz at 3 DPC and HCDIMM at 1333MHz at 3 DPC):

– LRDIMMs have approx. 45% worse latency than HCDIMMs (235ns vs. 161.9ns for HCDIMMs)
– LRDIMMs have 40% worse throughput than HCDIMMs (40.4GB/s vs. 68.1GB/s for HCDIMMs)

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HyperCloud to own the 32GB market ?

Marketability as a better RDIMM

UPDATE: 07/09/2012 – buyout
UPDATE: 07/09/2012 – strategic value of RDIMM-compatibility and misconceptions debunked
UPDATE: 07/27/2012 – confirmed HCDIMM similar latency as RDIMMs
UPDATE: 07/27/2012 – confirmed LRDIMM latency and throughput weakness

Is Netlist a buyout candidate ?

Is LRDIMM a dead-end product ?

Is it easier to market a better RDIMM that includes all the features of an LRDIMM ?

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Examining patent docs at USPTO II – sloppy appeals

What sloppy appeals at the USPTO look like

UPDATE: 07/08/2012 – quoting from the pdfs

We’ll shed some light on Inphi’s arguments in appeal of USPTO finding in favor of Netlist in the ‘537 and ‘274 patent reexams.

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A second-source for HyperCloud ?

Could IDTI be licensing or second-sourcing RDIMM-compatible HyperCloud ?

I would like to thank one of the readers for suggesting that IDT maybe entering the LRDIMM/HyperCloud space. While IDT intention to deliver LRDIMM in late 2012 was known, the comment sparked an examination of what options IDTI would have if it were actively to use HyperCloud for it’s product and whether it would justify IDTI decision to not offer any LRDIMM product for the Romley launch.

Netlist will eventually face the problem of second-source for HyperCloud.

Currently they have the capability of supplying most of the demand for HyperCloud – both at the 16GB and 32GB levels – they have capacity for millions of memory modules at their facility.

However, they will eventually be required to establish a second-source for HyperCloud by the OEMs.

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VLP RDIMMs for virtualization on Blade Servers

Why Netlist 16GB VLP RDIMM outperforms the competition

UPDATE: 07/06/2012 – VMware certifies Netlist as sole memory vendor

Netlist claims their 16GB VLP RDIMM has improved performance and reliability/robustness vs. the competitors’ products. And is also cheaper to make.

VMware has certified Netlist 16GB VLP RDIMM memory modules for use with VMware products – it is the only VLP memory product certified by VMware.

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