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Non-viability of 32GB RDIMMs

The primacy of load reduction and rank multiplication for 32GB

UPDATE: added 07/06/2012: Netlist on 8Gbit DRAM die non-availability
UPDATE: added 07/06/2012: Inphi on 8Gbit DRAM die non-availability

32GB RDIMMs are all 4-rank (quad-rank).

4-rank creates a high memory load on the memory bus.

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Why are 16GB LRDIMMs non-viable ?

16GB LRDIMMs vs. 16GB RDIMMs (2-rank) and 16GB HCDIMMs

16GB LRDIMMs do not outperform 16GB RDIMMs (2-rank) at 1 DPC, 2 DPC.

In addition they do not outperform the RDIMM at 3 DPC either. In contrast 16GB HyperCloud outperforms RDIMMs at 3 DPC.

Therefore, at the 16GB level, LRDIMMs:

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